In the Rehearsal Room with The Guild of Misrule (26 Nov 2017)

Natalie Ann Hillman

Neverland – Last Christmas, The Guild of Misrule put on an immersive Gatsby theatre experience at Theatre Deli Sheffield which then went down to London. They’ve returned this year for an new immersive musical Neverland based on Peter Pan and the life of J.M.Barrie and through being on placement at Theatre Deli I have had a chance to be involved with this in various ways. Since this week has been the week before opening (which is 1st Dec) there’s been a lot to do in both rehearsals and in transforming the venue. One of the things I’ve been involved with this week was the stage management/design by helping clear spaces like the Umbrella Factory and set up spaces e.g. hanging drapes/fabric in J.M.Barrie’s office and set up in Hook’s dressing room and the lost boys den. It’s definitely been interesting to see things coming together and to see how the piece will work travelling round the venue into these spaces. I also observed some rehearsals again, which was interesting as since the material is now learnt the process of polishing and focusing in on the finer details such as movement, timings and audience experience was underway. For me, this was interesting in seeing now how the interesting stories and content, which are great to watch, are going to involve the audience and how they will get the audience to connect with this as an immersive experience that they are part of rather than simply as a spectator. Overall, I certainly feel I’ve learnt about immersive theatre from watching rehearsals and that it has extended my interest in it to look into it further.