monster / monstrum (16 Mar 2020)

Natalie Ann Hillman

Devised by Thomas Valerio and Natalie Hillman.

Produced by Mae Lankshear

Costume Design by Amy Townsend


Angelica Fitzmaurice, Millie Hope, Adelaide Marshall, Patryce Richter, Peter Silver, Catherine Wippel and Rory Greig.

Performed in the Old Theatre Space at Niamos Manchester as a site-responsive movement installation.

Awarded the Judges Award for Originality and Innovation and Best Music in the MIFTA’s (Manchester In Fringe Theatre Awards)
monster /ˈmɒn.stər/ (n. eng.) any imaginary frightening creature, especially one that is large and strange. (lat. monstrum)
monstrum /ˈmon.strum/ (n. lat.) a divine omen, supernatural appearance. (lat. monstro)
monstro /ˈmon.stroː/ (v. lat.) to exhibit, show.
‘monster/monstrum is a live art performance about humanity and ferality, beauty and destruction. The performance explores the relationship between humans and beast, creating a space populated by creatures (monstra) that are neither animal nor people, but something both in between and at the same time different. Creatures and audience move freely in the space, different interactions happen in different areas at the same time, one is welcome to explore as much and as little as one wants. No two experiences will be the same.'

Rehearsal/Tech/Show Photos